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"We stumbled upon Joanne & Amy at a Qanvast meet and greet. Amongst the sea of confusing designers, they were a complete breath of fresh air!! Not pushy, but with many interesting and innovative suggestions that were budget conscious. Light-hearted and delightful, the pair worked closely with us to design our dream home in the short timeline that we had. They started work the moment we got our keys and completed the project 1 week earlier! They gave us daily updates as to our renovation progress which kept our mind at ease. It has been a wonderful working with them and I would definitely recommend them to anyone as well."
"Engaged Space Concepts for my new home reno. Joanne and her team are amazing. They are accommodating and provided many valuable opinions on the reno. The workmanship is good as well. Timeline was on schedule too which allow me to move in ahead of time. Overall I love the results of my new house. It is truly what I had expected ! Without the team effort, I would not be able to have my new house completed in time. Thanks Joanne!"
"It was really a joy working with Joanne and Jimmy in the renovation of our first house. They provided us with good ideas and suggestions, and were always very responsive and open to our various requests along the way. They are also honest and trustworthy. They had a good team working with them as well (project manager, electrician, plumber, carpenter, etc.), and workmanship was great. We are thankful to have worked with them."
"A renovation project will always have difficulties due to the scale of the undertaking. Thus, it is impossible not to come across any hiccups in the process but important in how they are managed from the scale of what is encountered, and the assurance a home buyer can feel knowing we have nothing to worry about. Space Concepts is a family run business we met after speaking with more than 10 firms, and my wife and I were in immediate agreement. Fees payable was not only extremely reasonable, we were together every step of the way - so easy to contact (please don’t abuse this) - and their sincerity was real. From start to end, Space Concepts just cared, and the entire process made it feel like we were building our dream home with family - the relatives you actually look forward to meeting every CNY with a wide smile. It has been two years since hand over, and we are still in contact, even when seeking advice as a young couple living in our first home (but once again I urge all not to abuse this). In the modern world where there are so many options and groups coming together to form ID alliances, it is easy to follow the trends but these systems are built exactly to intrigue and are just good marketing. Any new couple wouldn’t know what to look out for and the waitlist could be long - which you accept without real understanding. So I say there is no harm in giving them a call, and Space Concepts has my absolute recommendations to anyone reading this. I sincerely believe that a simple conversation and the first look of your estimated costs will show exactly exactly what I have spoken and they have been around for the longest time. Thank you Space Concepts, and it has been one of the easiest reviews I have ever written. Perhaps the happiest too. As one of the reviews here have said and I quote: From a contract, we are now friends. I think that says a lot. Thank you once again for everything. P.S. Oh yes, the are also amazingly fast to complete."
"We gave Joanne and Jimmy a really tall task to complete renovating our cluster house in a shorter time-frame than expected during the pandemic. Their word is as good as gold, not only did Space Concepts fulfil everything they said they would do, they were able to propose creative solutions to troubleshoot every obstacle. Jimmy is a perfectionist which means he won't let the small things go unnoticed even when we didn't spot them such as the placement of ceiling lights, fans, wall switches, etc -- he was particular right down to the centimetre! Joanne has an incredible way of understanding the client's style and preferences, and was able to propose the correct theme/colours/materials that dovetailed with what we really liked. It felt like she really understood us; we could tell that this company is staffed by very trustworthy and reliable project managers. When we got really fatigued at some point, we told Joanne to just go ahead to choose the colours/materials that she felt was the best. We love how our house turned out - it's timeless and elegant but fulfils very practical needs for a family with 2 young kids."
"Entrepreneurial, reliable and honest team from Space Concepts. Credible and reliable despite the worst times of COVID pandemic, despite it, service delivered with zero impact on initial quote and delivery. Best of all, does whatever she can for after sales when we encounter issues. I would think a good number of other IDs would vanish the moment handover is done. 4 months since I moved in, and still friends with Joanne since this engagement :)"
"I would like to sincerely thank Joanne Lim for designing my dream house with bathtub in my humble 4-room HDB resales flat. Joanne is definitely reliable and very experienced Interior Designer. She is polite, friendly and understanding. As there was honest two-way communication between both of us, she understands my needs and work within my budget. Joanne carefully measured the space of the house and designed a home that maximises the available space to make it look minimalist and clutter-free. Throughout the home renovation process, Joanne acted as a practical home advisor to tell me things I can save and no need to change e.g. existing window grills and windows, etc. As I do not have experience in choosing the colour theme and laminates for carpentry work, I am glad I took Joanne’s advice. Joanne also recommended me shops I can get my curtain, ceiling fan, kitchen items, etc. The quality of the home items she recommended from the shop were good and this is important because I will be using them long-term. Prior to moving to my new home, Joanne is also happy to help me select furnitures that match my home theme (when I send her photos for her to help me choose). There were also many nitty gritty things that I needed recommendations such as contact for bomb shelter, curtain rod for toilets, etc. Joanne took the initiative to recommend her contacts promptly. In addition, Joanne worked within the timeline of my home project despite the potential delay that might be caused by the covid-19 situation. I was able to move in on time even though we had a tight timeline! Moving into my new home, I am impressed with the beautiful result and the excellent workmanship of the carpentry works. Joanne provided excellent customer service support. Joanne and her assistant, Sam, they are both approachable and helpful when I told them some minor things to touch up and when I check with them on some home queries. They would arrange contractors timely to support my requests. Overall, it was a pleasant experience with Space Concepts Design and I never regretted the decision to choose Joanne as my ID. I feel blessed by the decision I made and the friendship in return :)"
Project Home: 720 Tampines Street 72
"Joanne is easy to work with, and is always available for discussion. She reacts quickly to our enquiries and was able to keep to the renovation schedule. We were able to move into the house without delay, considering the right timeline."
"I get to know Space Concepts from Qanvast. I decided to engaged them for my renovation as communication with Joanne was good and price is reasonable. Overall Joanne is very on the ball, the experience was pleasant and smooth sailing without any hiccups. I am very impressed with their workmanship and after sales services. After the renovation was done Joanne provided after sales service such as changing of rusty door hinge as well as changing our switch buttons."
"Space Concepts was recommended by a friend so I decided to give them a call. Following that, they came down to my place with her team to try to understand more of my needs. In contrast to other contractors or IDs that like to do things according to their own ways, they were very receptive towards my ideas. They was willing to bounce off ideas, told me the pros & cons to my concepts and that had given me a lot of alternatives and options to choose from. It was that personal touch from them which was really impressive like how they made an effort to be on site most of the time. For my renovation, they have given me a timeline of the works to be done and everything was actually completed earlier than as scheduled. Space Concepts are an excellent company and I have been recommending them to many of my friends ever since I've completed my renovation with them two years ago."
"Our experience with Joanne and team at Space Concepts Design has been amazing. Running on a very tight timeline, we give Joanne 2 months to complete the whole renovation. From conceptualisation of our new home design to the final delivery, our journey has been fantastic. She is patient, offers routine update on the progress, gives expert advice at different touch points, and importantly, she delivers her promise. 4 months post handover, she remains reachable and helpful on our request (we are fussy owners 😅). If you want to have a peace of mind, sleep well through the night, I would highly recommend you speak to Joanne/Space Concepts Design. Thx, Joanne, and good luck folks"
"Practicability, reliability, and workmanship come in a package for a family with 3 young kids like us. We always have my doubts when it comes to engaging an ID so really needed to engage a trusted advisor, esp during this pandemic time. Coincidentally, one of my gfs, who had a very high standard, engaged their services and insisted that I must give them a try. That’s the beginning of nothing but a delightful journey with the dynamic duo, Joanne and Jimmy from Space Concepts. We love the fact that both Joanne and Jimmy take a consultative approach to the engagement, listen insightfully, deeply understand our needs and key priorities, and are never pushy. In fact, I am impressed that Joanne tried to help us save money by respectfully asking me to consider alternatives (haha she just didn’t think it was practical with my budget but didn’t want to hurt my fragile pride). Joanne is also one perfectionist, from the design she proposed to the type of material/laminates she recommended, down to the workmanship of every piece of furnishing and carpentry is simply divine!!! When things are delivered not up to her standard, she will gladly get her guys to redo them. She knew I was not savvy in spotting these flaws but she didn't want to take advantage of that. Kudos to that. Jimmy, the other partner, is another steady pom pee pee guy. Extremely experienced and yet SUPER calm with Kan-cheong customers like myself, which I desperately needed. Jimmy was always super patient with us, never rushing, and always take the time and effort to check in with us and validated our understanding. And his voice is always so soothing. The only that truly impressed us is that even after handover, they are still diligently following up to make sure all the touch-ups are completed. Despite an extremely tight timeline and limited budget, we sincerely thanked both of them and the team for making this a stress-free journey for us and delivering to us a stunning, beautiful, and gorgeous house that many have raved about and taken lots of pics along with Space Concepts contact details. Thank you! Love u guys to the moon and back!"
"It was truly an honour to have engaged Jimmy for our renovation work... What a God sent! The entire process from head to toe was seamless and professional while being right on schedule. His group of craftsman and carpenters are top notch with superb fit and finish. It was such a breeze to have engaged Jimmy. I'll highly recommend Space Concepts Design to anyone looking for an excellent renovation work. Thank you for the wonderful work!"
"As first time landed property owners, we wondered what to look out for. Joanne impressed us from the get go, when she identified that the house had a termite issue, and a leakage issue, even before we signed the quote. While we are not particular about design, I know we were not easy customers as we had our own quirks we were super particular about. Joanne acceded to our every request. She was also highly organised, and works well with her team. Her guys were clearly experienced and very accommodating. Even during COVID and the manpower crunch, Joanne and team managed the project and delivered it right on time though we had several last minute requests and changes. Lastly and most importantly - when our friends / family came over, they were super impressed with how reasonable her pricing was, even during COVID times when the prices of everything had gone up! After the conclusion of the project, Joanne and team willingly came to fix defects and almost immediately. The after sales service was impeccable. Thank you very much."
"Joanne, our Interior Designer & her PM, Sam were very accommodative right from the start. Both of them worked well with us in the family. She has a very good team of workers (including the Admin, Judy) working with her and most of them rendered good service & workmanship. In any renovations, there are bound to be some hiccups/dissatisfaction along the way that required sone attention & improvements. Rectification works were well managed by Sam responsibly. Overall my family & I are satisfied with the renovation works completed in good time by Space Concepts Design 😀"
"We have shortlisted Joanne from few other ID firms whom we have met up to in person for discussion. In the end we chose to engage Joanne as our ID was coz her quote was reasonable & within our budget & she came across as a very friendly and sincere person with very practical ideas. We had a tight timeline as we wanted to move into the new house in slight shorter than 3 months from start of renovation. Really appreciate the fact that things were done well within the timeline and we were able to move in as planned. Our impression of Joanne was that she had been very patient (as I am not a very patient person to deal with) ,accommodative, always with prompt replies and actions to our requests. Her ideas/ Color combination for our Renov and carpentry worked out really amazing too! The stucco TV wall (navy blue Color wall in the first pic) she suggested was so outstandingly and different from usual TV wall. It was my favourite wall in the house! I think it’s great she listened & understood our needs well so she worked things around to fit into our needs and preference. The tilers and carpenters did such a good and neat job too! Workmanship was excellent! Overall, it was a pleasant experience as the results really turned out very well, transforming a old worn-out and outdated looking house to a modern, neat, Scandi feel and super cosy nest. Even our 2 kids loved staying/ lazing at home so much nowadays since it’s so comfy and cosy!! Super home proud these days:)"
"Very hands on to monitor the work progress. Very well managed for work site and work progress. Great advice on the possibilities on how the space can look like. Really nice conceptual designs for the space. Very helpful to provide contrasting design ideas. Good personal guidance on the steps of the renovations. Well aware of the other works (ie. Singtel, Phone service provider) and provides advice on dealing with them too."
"The renovation service rendered at our budget is well acceptable at our level. The post renovation service rendered is very good too, cause any defects or problems faced after moving in are able to quickly resolve. And the communication always goes well at pre and post renovation. The people are friendly and calm and helpful."
"My wife and I engaged Space Concepts for our BTO renovation and the process was everything we hoped it would be! The renovation process was smooth and well-planned. Mid-way through, we asked our ID, Joanne, if we could shift in earlier to accomodate our work schedules. Joanne did all she could to rush the works for us, and we managed to move in one week in advance! Despite the rush, the workmanship was not compromised. Our cabinets, windows and walls were perfect!! We are so thankful to Space Concepts for going above and beyond to serve us and our needs!"
"Joanne and Yaying worked tirelessly to transform our humble abode into a stunning avataar. Neat workmanship resulted in a high quality output. I would wholeheartedly recommend Joanne for all your renovation needs! 😎"
"Got to know about Space Concepts Design through online platform and they were one of the fastest to get back to us. I chose them becase they listened to our ideas unlike the others. Not only that, Space Concepts were very dedicated and sincere. Our renovation was very rush, we needed to move in within 7 weeks and they did it for us without any issues. I came back on public holidays and late evening on weekdays during the renovation to check and to my surprise, the team were always there working hard to deliver my home. I was really impressed. Even up to date which is the 2nd year after my renovation, they are still very responsive to me when I need help! Alot of my relatives have given praises to the concept of my place and I have recommended them to some of my friends too."
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